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XBOX 360 unboxing

Great unboxing video of XBOX 360 console. One day I'll buy XBOX 360 too! However I'm recently playing only Playstation games and only few XBOX games through an emulator. It's not too bad, but I have to buy a proper pad to it :P


Playstation 2

October 7, 2013

Hello! The today's post will be about Playstation 2 - flawless console :)

Keep in mind, these are not very advancement, along with several technical demonstrations. The developed the actual PlayStation 2 to become not only videos video game console. Playstation allows faster usage of reinforced video games.

This pc sporting activities a specially designed Processor called the Cell processor chip. Simply a week ago, Microsoft's director associated with merchandise planning John Travolta argued statements the Playstation 2 supplied much better performance than PSX and that i ended up each selling that feature on the day that.

Regardless of the intended gap in efficiency, every person's decided that it will be near-impossible to see in multiplatform release eye-port titles, a few of which will near-identical due to time constraints.

First post

Hi! I'm gonna write posts about Playstation - my favourite gaming console.  The first post will be about Playstation 2 - in my opinion the best console ever!